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We’ve been smoking LEAF by Oscar now for the past two years and this ingenious cigar’s popularity keeps growing.

Now it’s Jim’s turn to have his own namesake cigar and I know you’re dying to know what it’s going to smoke like…

Well I’ll tell you – first of all it’s a work of art, but not just in the typical cigar way. All cigars are art in my opinion, but if you know Jim, and if you’ve ever been to his shop in Pittsburgh, then you know immediately when you see this cigar that THIS is some real Island Jim level sh!t.

First, the cigar looks like a #2 pencil. Hence the name “# TWO”.

The construction by Oscar Valladares in Honduras is pure artisan.

The 6.5 x 52 “pencil” torpedo vitola is exceptional with the oscuro point and a strip of Connecticut wrapper that meets up with a very nice leathery naturally dark wrapper.

And then of course we have the “shaggy” foot 🙂

Like I said, I know my amigo Jim… he enjoys quality but likes to keep things fun, colorful and inviting. Just like his Leaf & Bean shop in Pittsburgh.

So there are two things I will tell you about the “# TWO” cigar, which are pretty neat…

1. If you cut just the oscuro “pencil point” off then you’re going to get some interesting bittersweet notes from the Connecticut strip.

2. If you cut off the “pencil point” down to the dark wrapper (taking off the Connecticut strip) then you’re gonna get a rich cocoa and coffee profile with a little bit of pepper thrown in for good complexity and a very pleasant finish.

I like to start with just the very tip cut off down to the Connecticut strip and then I cut off the Connecticut part after I’m ready for a change.

It literally smokes like two different cigars when you do that!

I find that to be very cool because it gives smokers a good idea of how much wrapper leaf can affect the flavor of a cigar.

And this is a VERY enjoyable cigar!

Not bad for a guy who got into the cigar business because he wanted to go “someplace warm” 😉


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